story.kts format

The story.kts format is a Kotlin DSL (domain specific language) that allows you to write stories using the Kotlin programming language.

While it is not strictly necessary to know how to code using the Kotlin language, it will be a great help for using the story.kts format.

What is the story.kts format?

The story.kts format is simply a Kotlin Script (kts) file that uses a specific template defined and implemented in libstorytree (a flexible basis on top of which StoryFX is built) using Kotlin’s Scripting Support (KEEP 75).

It aims to provide a painless and efficient way of writing branching stories

Upsides of using this format include a clean syntax that is actual Kotlin code and is extremely flexible, while being more maintainable and safer than home-made recepies. The Kotlin language is massively supported by Google in Android and is also very suitable for desktop applications. The syntax is quite a painless one for beginners too, making it appropriate for a story building project.

Downsides are that it is very annoying to write many nodes at once, and is not appropriate for writers who only want simple stories. These writers may enjoy the old (and discontinued) BST syntax more than the story.kts format.

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